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Communicating A Theme

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Design Principles Prove Strong.

In today’s technology driven world, people have adapted to short instant messages. Blurbs of text are expected to communicate both literally and figuratively. These same people attend your events. Be it a Gala Fundraiser or a Trade Expo. Your message needs to be clear, concise and touch an emotional chord. When all things are equal it is the emotional connection someone has to your message that will allow them to make the right decision.

We have learned that a consistent use of color, typography and images help communicate your message on an emotional level. They help establish the deep meaning of your event.

Here are some samples of how a theme is presented consistently by some of our successful clients.

Vinyl Banners for Event
Community Gatepath delivers a message of gratitude from their member families. Compelling testimonials with bright colors, large photos and playful typography create a positive mood.

Vinyl Banners for Event
Verizon knew that the X-Games would be filled with visual stimuli. They incorporated a black background to single out their message of technology. They continued the black background in their call to action to enter a contest. The call to action banners used exciting photos of action sports jumping OUT of the screen.

Vinyl Banners for Events
The Afro Punk Festival also used black background with white stencil style lettering, which was key for way-finding at the festival. The ‘blank canvas’ utilizes the negative space in helping visitors to the festival, find their way and learn the event agenda.

Vinyl Banners for Events
FOX News used a consistent “FOX News” blue and typography with the help of flying stars to brand the stage and booths at the Democratic National Convention. Bold “America’s Election HQ” portrays the message of FOX News as the authority.


Here at World’s Best Banners, we are interested to know how you use themes in your message delivery. Send us a note to:

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